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My name is Gregory Kelly, and I am the Republican Candidate for Justice of the Peace in Tempe, Arizona, (University Lakes Judicial Precinct).

I thank you for taking the time to consider my qualifications for this very important public service.

From my first small claims business dispute in 1988, I realized that many Judges were not treating self represented parties fairly, and that the system was heavily tilted in favor of those who retained lawyers.

For most of my life, I never had enough money to retain attorneys, so the only answer was to actually learn the law, case by case, so that I could represent myself competently in any case or courtroom.

Over time, I became skilled enough in the law that I was able to start my own Judgment Enforcement/Asset Recovery practice in 2011.  I specialize in helping victims of financial fraud recover money from the people who stole from them, and have handled cases all the way from Small Claims to Federal Bankruptcy Court.  The experience I’ve gained through actual trials, (both wins and losses), is something you can never learn in law school.


The Law

As Justice of the Peace, you can be assured that my first mandate is that ARIZONA LAW will be followed at all times, whether I agree with it or not.  This may not seem like much of a promise to make, but as you read further, you will see that NOT FOLLOWING THE LAW is the greatest threat towards the just resolution of your case.  This happens every single day, in every single Court in the land, but happens more frequently in Justice Courts.

This practice should be unacceptable to voters, and the way to prevent it is to vote for someone who has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the law, rules, procedures and practices of Courts at every level (local, state, federal, and appeals).

I believe that I am the best person for this position, and am asking for your support to make the University Lakes Justice Court the finest Court in Arizona.




If you’ve seen me around town at places like Lifetime Fitness, ASU, Home Depot, etc., I am that relatively large man with my little son Lucas in tow.  He is often with me during the onerous process of installing political signs during the campaign season.

While it is odd for a man my age to have such a young son, I wouldn’t change a thing.  The experience of fatherhood after 50 has grounded me in ways I didn’t think possible, and helped me understand what is truly important in life.

My better half is my wife Elizabeth, an education analyst for a national non-profit education organization.

My daily interactions withe her (a Vanderbilt University PhD.) has sharpened my mind in ways that have exceeded all of my formal education.  Her occupation requires that she analyze extremely complex educational problems throughout the nation, so that solutions may be presented.

Elizabeth is also a published author and former research analyst for the George W. Bush Presidential Center on Education Policy, despite having never voted for our twice elected President.

Bush Pic JPIn 2012, we had the great honor of being invited to the 2012 Bush Christmas Party with President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.

Despite having to endure massive security clearances with the FBI, NSA, and Homeland Security, this was the experience of a lifetime.  President Bush somehow made it over to our table for dinner, and didn’t leave.  He was remarkably “down to earth” and treated all of his guests like they were old friends.  We had some great conversations about college football, boxers from the 70s, and everything BUT politics.


As for education, I’ve had the good fortune of graduating from one of the best Catholic and Liberal Arts colleges in the nation (College of the Holy Cross), which is where I developed my reasoning and logical skills as a History Major / Philosophy Minor.  I believe this education will serve me well as a fair and balanced Judge.

I attended my 30th year reunion this past June, where we had a very impressive turnout.

Holy Cross has a unique place in the history of the Judicial System, as current Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a 1971 graduate.  I personally attended a seminar of his as a student in 1984 when he was the head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Judge Thomas

Judge Thomas spoke about the struggles of being one of a few African American students at a predominantly white College, and the importance of persevering through life’s struggles.  I never forgot this, and never forgot the struggle he endured to hold the highest position of Judicial authority in the land.

United States Supreme Court Chief Judge John Roberts also has ties to Holy Cross as his wife Jane is a 1976 graduate (and an attorney).  The two work very diligently to improve the plight of the less fortunate in many charitable causes.

I am a lifelong Entrepreneur, and know what it’s like to be both affluent and poor.  As a byproduct of my entrepreneurial pursuits, I was introduced to the legal system, both as a Debtor and Creditor in multiple cases as far back as 1988.


Like most people, the Legal System scared me, even when I knew that the law was on my side.  Going to Court for any reason made me feel like I was guilty of something, even if it was just not trying hard enough to arrive at an amicable settlement of disputes.  I was also fearful about the expense of hiring an attorney, since I had NO IDEA what I was doing at the time.

More than 30 years, and dozens of cases later (including Federal Trials), I now realize that NOBODY should ever have to feel this way about Court unless:

a)  You know in advance that you are wrong in your Civil or Criminal case, or:

b)  You have a Judge who doesn’t understand, or doesn’t follow State law.

While I can’t help you with the first issue, ARIZONA STATE LAW will be followed strictly in my Courtroom, with ZERO exceptions.  There will be no favorable treatment of either party, and I will have ZERO cases overturned by the Maricopa County Superior Court.

gavel and scale

The laws are designed to protect the public, and any Judge who does not follow the Law is not only BREAKING THE LAW, but engaging in a major public disservice.  The result is further strain on the Courts’ resources, further litigation, increased fees (both Court and Attorney), and a general destruction of the Public’s faith in the Judicial System.

Unfortunately, it happens all the time, and happens often in lower level Courts.  Many of the Judges don’t know the law, and frankly, have no incentive to because Small Claims cases are not appealable.

I am running for Justice of the Peace to ensure that the law is followed, and that is the best campaign promise that any candidate can make to you.



  • Born and Raised in Westchester County, New York (age 53).
  • 1986 Graduate of USMC Officer Candidate School.
  • Passed the USMC Aviation Qualification Test / Flight Aptitude Rating (AQT / FAR).
  • 1988 Graduate from The College of Holy Cross (B.A. History).
  • Former Owner of Exercise Equipment Stores in 3 States over 16 years.
  • Former licensed Real Estate Agent in Arizona.
  • Former licensed Insurance Agent in Arizona.
  • Former Owner / Operator of a Las Vegas Exercise Studio for 11 years.
  • Successfully licensed the Exercise Studios in the State of Texas, which still exists after 14 years.
  • Former Bail Enforcement Agent; fully licensed with the Nevada Division of Insurance.
  • Currently an Asset Recovery Agent / Judgment Enforcer, specializing in Financial Fraud Cases.
  • Approved for Electronic Filings in Federal District Court, Federal Bankruptcy Court, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Has filed 9 Federal Cases in Proper Person, including Trademark, Civil Rights, Breach of Contract, and Fraud actions without an attorney.
  • Has conducted 3 Full Federal Trials in Proper Person without an attorney.
  • Has won / favorably settled 6 of 9 Federal cases.
  • Has won a Federal Adversary Bankruptcy case without an attorney by proving Fraud at Trial.
  • Has won a recent appeal in Maricopa County Superior Court, which overturned a sitting Justice of the Peace who ignored the law.
  • Has worked closely with the FBI and Homeland Security on select Financial Fraud cases, including the Las Vegas HOA Scandal in 2015 (the largest Las Vegas case in the history of the FBI).
  • Succeeded in disbarring a Serial Pedophile Judge in Delaware, without the assistance of an attorney, and despite a massive media cover-up.
  • 2014 Plenary Speaker for the National Center for Victims of Crime Annual Conference in Miami, Florida.
  • Successfully passed the Arizona Supreme Court Exam for Certified Legal Document Preparers in 2015.
  • THE ONLY ARIZONA LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE ON THE 2016 BALLOT other than Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson.
  • Won a $120,000 Bankruptcy Settlement in 2018 from a debtor who was trying to cheat his creditors.
  • Exposed the unethical conduct of a Maricopa County Constable, resulting in a 2018 public reprimand (his fourth reprimand in 3 years).



Everyone likes a good attorney joke, but unbeknownst to most people, attorneys are OFFICERS of EVERY COURT, including the Arizona Justice Courts.  As such, they are deserving of respect, in order for Courts to work efficiently, cordially, and orderly.

Attorney joke

Historically, there has been great tension between attorneys and Justice Court Judges. This is a function of attorneys (who went to law school and passed the State Bar), having to interact with Justices of the Peace (most of whom did not attend law school, and didn’t pass the bar).

States with Justices of the Peace include Arizona, Delaware, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.

This tension is a serious impediment to Justice, as some Justice Court cases require the skill of an attorney to succeed, and Justice is being denied due to Judges who choose to follow their own belief systems of fairness rather than established Law.

In many instances, attorneys have refused to take Justice Court cases based on their belief that the Justice of the Peace does not understand, or will not follow the law.

If elected University Lakes Justice of the Peace, attorneys will quickly learn that knowing and following the law will be my only mandates.  I will have reviewed all applicable law prior to every case, but also be open minded to anything I may have missed.  I don’t expect this to happen often, as all attorneys and pro-per Plaintiffs must bring their issues of law through pleadings in advance of any hearing or civil trial.  I will have done my homework on the applicable law upfront.

In MY COURTROOM, there will be no tension between attorneys and me, because I WILL KNOW AND FOLLOW THE LAW.



Most people are shocked to learn that Arizona Justice of the Peace (JP) candidates don’t need to have a law degree or be active lawyers to run for office.

In fact, the only requirements for being a JP in Arizona are the following:

  • Must be at least 18 years old;
  • Must be an Arizona resident;
  • Must be a qualified voter in the precinct in which duties of office will be performed;
  • Must read and write English;
  • Need not be an attorney;

This is an incredibly low threshold for being a Judge, but not unprecedented in the United States.  There are over 5,000 Justices of the Peace and Magistrate Judges in the country.   States with Justices of the Peace include Arizona, Delaware, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.

In the minds of many highly skilled attorneys, the Justice Courts across America often turn into “Kangaroo Courts.”

This is “French” for a “fake court,” or a Court which really doesn’t follow the State’s laws.  This is a stained tradition which has followed the Justice Courts from their inception. kangaroo-court-1

Most of the time, the laws are not followed simply because the neither the Judge, nor the parties involved, knows the law.  As a result, decisions are often made based on the Judge’s personal beliefs and friendships/political connections rather than the State Laws which are designed to govern conflicts.

Many attorneys and/or state bars have attempted to require that Justices of the Peace be required to have law degrees.

While I support the concept that JPs should have to demonstrate competency with the law, (perhaps through some standardized test like the Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparers Examination), I completely disagree that JPs should require law degrees.

*  Law school teaches you NOTHING about practicing law, and I know this because I attended one year of law school (like Clarence Darrow) while simultaneously maintaining several legal cases as an Asset Recovery Agent.

*  Some of my cases at this time included complex District and Federal Bankruptcy Court disputes, as well as Justice Court.  Most lawyers I consulted with had no advice at all on the complex cases.

*  Nothing I was being taught in Law School was helping me with any of my cases in Court.

*  Law school is an economic barrier to entry to the legal profession, as the world already has more lawyers than it needs, and many can’t make ends meet economically.

*  I figured out a “legal” way to avoid this barrier to entry, and am one of only a few hundred people on a national level who have done so on a regular basis (Judgment Enforcers/Asset Recovery Specialists ).

While I am not legally recognized as an attorney, under the the old rules which acknowledged “Great Lawyers Who Never Attended Law School,” I believe that my actual legal experience has met the “license through apprenticeship” standard.

This is a partial list of men who never received a law degree, and who became lawyers by apprenticing with established attorneys.  The states of California, Virginia, Vermont and Washington still permit this practice.

  1. Patrick Henry (1736-1799), member of the Continental Congress, governor of Virginia
  2. John Jay (1745-1829), first chief justice of the Supreme Court
  3. John Marshall (1755-1835), chief justice of the Supreme Court
  4. William Wirt (1772-1834), attorney general
  5. Roger B. Taney (1777-1864), secretary of the treasury, chief justice of the Supreme Court
  6. Daniel Webster (1782-1852), secretary of state
  7. Salmon P. Chase (1808-1873), senator, chief justice of the Supreme Court
  8. Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), president
  9. Stephen Douglas (1813-1861), representative, senator from Illinois
  10. Clarence Darrow (1857-1938), defense attorney in Scopes trial of 1925. [While Clarence Darrow attended a law school for one year, he did not distinguish himself and preferred to study law on his own. He received the greater part of his education in a law office in Youngstown, Ohio.]
  11. Robert Storey (b. 1893), president of the American Bar Association (1952-1953)
  12. J. Strom Thurmond (b. 1902), senator, governor of South Carolina
  13. James O. Eastland (b. 1904), senator from Mississippi


Under my direction, the University Lakes Justice Court will exceed every benchmark for Judicial Performance, as set by the Arizona Supreme Court, including:

  • Legal Ability: Decides cases based on applicable law, demonstrating competent legal analysis.
  • Integrity:  Free from personal bias. Administers justice fairly, ethically, and uniformly.
  • Communication Skills:  Issues prompt and understandable rulings and directions.
  • Judicial Temperament:  Dignified, courteous, and patient.
  • Administrative Performance: Manages courtroom and office effectively. Issues rulings promptly and efficiently.

If you want a competent Judge, who has demonstrated legal acumen which exceeds Justice Court standards, then VOTE FOR KELLY.



This is my second run at public office, having run as a Libertarian Candidate for the Highland Justice of the Peace in 2016.

While I came up short in that race, I was very greatful for the support I received from members of all parties, as the only Libertarian to make the Arizona ballot other than Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson.

Please see the Wikipedia page at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libertarian_Party_of_Arizona 

There are only 31,554 Registered Libertarians in the entire state of Arizona, and I achieved 25,356 votes in the town of Gilbert/Highland Judicial Precinct alone in 2016 (with only 1000 or so Libertarian voters).

The rest of my votes came from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, because I am a candidate who voters can trust as a fair minded Judge, with the necessary legal experience to properly run a courtroom.

Judicial Candidates should not be influenced by party affiliation, political influences, or financial contributions, and you can expect that I will never be part of any “old boys network.”

If you’re looking for a serious, legally experienced candidate who believes in the fair administration of justice for all, then I am your candidate.




I am asking for the support of all voters from all parties to ensure that the University Lakes Justice Court is a model example for all other Justice Courts in Arizona.

Email: kellyforjp@gmail.com
Phone: (480) 799-9218

Thank You.